Handheld solution

for cafes & restaurants

  • Capture orders at the table, print bills and take payments all from the same compact device.
  • Larger venues can use multiple devices all linked via the cloud.
  • Print orders directly to cloud linked receipt printers in the kitchen or bar area.
  • Our web portal allows easy setup of menus and provides reporting on sales.

What does app2table offer?
Ideal for cafes, restaurants and other hospitality venues, app2table allows you to take orders at the table. Orders are sent to a tablet or printer in the kitchen (and/or bar). Payment can be taken up front or a bill produced and payment taken at the end of the visit. Customers can also download the app in a customer-facing mode and place orders themselves through their own smartphones.

The Software

  • Setup your menus through the app or on the web
  • Supports product options (with price adjustments)
  • Add notes to order entries (eg. “no sauce”)
  • Combine orders for the same table, or split bill
  • Print table bills
  • Take payment (chip & pin and contactless)

Menu setup

Setup or change your menu from any of the venue’s devices, or our web portal. For easy navigation, products are grouped into categories and subcategories and can have images and descriptive text (such as an allergen information). Products can have up to 10 groupable, free or chargeable “options” such as steak doneness, product size or flavour. Product visibility can be limited to certain hours of the day eg. for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Capture Orders

Simple order capture at the table by navigating the menus and selecting the desired products. For products with free/chargeable options, select the options before adding to the order. Notes can be added against any entry on the order and it is also possible to adjust the price to reflect any special requests. Take the table number and then select whether to pay now or pay later. Orders are sent to the kitchen and/or bar printers (if applicable) and the order is immediately available to view on any of the devices/tablets at the venue.

Bill Printing

Simply select an order and request to print a bill on the integrated printer. An option is provided to include all open orders for the same table on the bill (eg. mains, dessert and coffee courses).

Payment Tendering

Either take payment at the point of order or take payment at the end of the meal. In venues with multiple devices, all devices are connected through the cloud, so any device can be used to take payment for orders captured on other devices. An option is provided to take payment for all open orders for the same table (eg. mains, dessert and coffee courses) or individual orders can be paid separately eg. for split billing.

Web Portal

Manage your menus and run reports through the web portal. You can also view orders from here.

Customer Facing

app2table is also available with a customer facing interface from the Google Play and Apple app stores. Customers can download the app, scan a QR code on the table and order from their own device. Orders are sent to the cloud in the same way as a staff-captured order. Bills can be printed and payment can be taken through the staff device itself.

Our company

Image Retail Solutions Ltd is a well established supplier of EPOS systems to the retail market. Established in 2001, we have been supplying, installing and maintaining systems through over 20 years of organic growth.

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